The Most Important Message to Humanity For Dealing With The Challenges We’re ALL NOW …or Will Be Facing Soon!


If you are for a peaceful coexistence, please join the sharing economy and start your own ICS in your community.

The below video is by Rafi Oneness. He has commenced an organic solutions-oriented approach to doing life on this earth. You can contact him if you need to talk or get advice. (information listed in the video).

What is ICS?

ICS = Intentional Community Sharing. It is a simple solution for a simple problem.

The problem is human condition.

The solution is human reconnection.


How can this be accomplished?

Once we take care of ourselves, once we start healing our minds and we start creating a “NEW NORMAL” of sharing, cooperation and helping each other out INSTEAD OF competing through a monetary system.  – Rafi Oneness

Please take just 4 short minutes out of your day and listen to words of Rafi Oneness who is inspiring, caring, action and solution-oriented and creating great change by shifting the mindset of the current false paradigm we were all innocently born into. He created his own ICS in Sutton, Québec, Canada.

See if this information is something that resonates with your current mindset. Thanks you. – A Sheep No More

 VIA (ICS) Intentional Community Sharing:

”People will start building the better world when they start lacking essential needs”
                                                **********FALSE ***********

Many lack essential needs, but I don’t see them building the better world.
People will start building the better world when they develop enough empathy because there are many who grossly lack essential needs as we speak.

True love is feeling connected with each living being.
Feeling connected is doing whatever it takes to create abundance for all.
This is what the ICS is all about.