Is This Our Human Nature?


From cradle to grave, we are following the guidelines of what authority defines as a state-of-the-art system, in which “success” seems to begin and end within the running wheel of education, career performance, debt management and retirement.

A vibrant economy is the ultimate priority of our global hierarchy. However; a vibrant planet, the respect of all lifeforms, healthy foods, peaceful ways and conscious actions seem to remain a mere idealistic subject of conversation, often turned into a few fundraising campaigns with very little or no impact at all, for they go against the very foundation of industrialist principles anyways.

We shall nonetheless pass on these capitalist and patriotic values for our children to perpetuate this very same unquestioned cycle, because after all, it is all we’ve ever known.

Does this whole picture still resonate with us at this point and time? Is this all there is to life? Is this system even sustainable? Does it invite us to expand our consciousness, or does it aim at keeping us thinking inside the same box of belief systems we’ve been in for as long as we can remember?

These questions are well worth asking, because to realize that there is more to us than what we’ve been led to believe is the first step towards uncovering answers. 

Via  Collective Evolution:

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