SHOCKING: Obama Says America Must SUBMIT to NWO Laws & SURRENDER Freedoms at UN – FINAL Speech


US President Barack Obama has recently made a statement on his final speech at the United Nations (UN), and it is a very interesting statement made from such a high level person of position.

To summarize, Obama pretty much said that America needs to submit itself to international laws, HOWEVER, the catch to doing just that, will require that the nation and its people SURRENDER some of their FREEDOMS.

“Binding ourselves to International Rules, over the long term, enhances “OUR” Security.” – Barack Obama (who is this “OUR” …I doubt it means you or me would have our freedoms enhanced? This language utilized by Obama is an example of how Totalitarian Governments attempt to control millions of people, and this speech is how they can prod their subjects into accepting that which is not true.. it is pure propaganda and called DOUBLETHINK!!!)

The United Nations’ purpose is to bring about the New World Economic Order (NWO). It is through the United Nations that they, the globalists, can have an international system of governance. They need the UN because that is what its intentions are for along with eventually being a global police state.

The UN is not to help the world around us or to assist smaller countries of origin. The UN is a system that has been carefully orchestrated and built to support the wealthy and establish a system of GLOBAL governance that “THEY”, the very few powerful, global elitist, can run and rule over the small and the weak of society …or ….the NWO literally means NO MIDDLE CLASS to which is called, Neo-Fuedalism


You can fast forward to 50 seconds to hear Obama’s words. Then please listen to this videographer as he explains the role that the United Nations (UN) plays in this push for a global governance (NWO) and the devastating consequences for humanity.

Via: Thecontroversy7: