Many in alternative media are now denying that PizzaGate is a scandal. Some are calling it a “Psy-op.” Meanwhile the MSM is calling it “fake news.” There is an extraordinary attack on this story now. I believe, as Christians, we should strive to protect children from any harm that could come to them. That is why I am investigating PizzaGate.

I believe history might be the best way of determining the truth about PizzaGate. While the MSM defends Comet Ping Pong, the pizzeria at the heart of the controversy with PIzzaGate, in 1987, they investigated and broke open a similar story about “the Finders.” The Finders were a group of men who operated a child trafficking network in Northern Washington D.C.

In a U.S. Customs investigative report, I found that one of the addresses given as the headquarters of the Finders is approximately 2.5 miles away from Comet Ping Pong. It was at this location that investigators found several disturbing items including a large amount of diapers, children’s clothing, and toys. They also found telex machines on the premise that were connected to other locations across the country and throughout the world. At the residence of the Finders, investigators met a Chinese national with a passport for the entire year of 1987. They also found telex communication between the Finders headquarters and a Chinese Embassy in Hong Kong. It appears the telex communication had to do with two children who were purchased with intended to be trafficked to a different location in the world.

Local police and investigations revealed a large amount of information that pointed to a scandal involving child trafficking and wanted to broaden their inquiry into the case, but the CIA stepped in and blocked them from doing so. The CIA claimed they had made the case an internal matter, which almost never happens unless something is classified and needs to be hidden from the public.

The Case of the Finders Cult broke open after 2 well-dressed men were found with 6 children in Florida. They claimed that they were going to Mexico, and were arrested. This is when authorities learned what was going on with the Finders. The group “lived underground” but owned properties above ground, throughout Washington D.C. Glover Park was one residence, but they also owned warehouses in Northwest Washington D.C. There was a conspiracy going on in the capitol of the U.S. with many people involved. The Finders were very well organized, well funded, very high tech, and had protection inside of the upper echelons of government (the CIA).

What happened to the Finders? The members who were detained for trafficking children were released. Despite overwhelming incriminating evidence, nothing happened to the Finders. From what we know, they continued to operate their trade without any repercussions or further arrests.

A comment on the Mainstream Media (MSM): The Washington Post and the New York Times have openly defended Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington after allegations were made that a child trafficking operation is being carried out there. Yet in 1987, the Washington Post and the New York Times, along with US News and World Report, wrote several pieces exposing the Finders cult.

What changed in 30 years? The truth is that, because of the election and their ridiculous support for Hillary Clinton, the MSM has lost a huge amount of credibility.

Discrediting Alt-Media is their only option. It won’t work, however, and it will only accelerate their destruction.

Please watch the following video for a DETAILED ACOUNT of the entire situation. Warning: Viewer Discretion Is Advised!


Via C. Ervana:


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