Journalist Eva Bartlett DESTROYS Mainstream Journalist Over Syria


Independent journalist Eva Bartlett sets a smug reporter straight during a UN Syria Mission press conference. Please take 3 minutes from your busy schedule and watch this amazing video.

A confession from your humble editors at Russia Insider: writing day in and day out about miserable newspapers and the wars they propagate can get seriously depressing.

But from time to time we come across brief bursts of truth that somehow slither their way into the mainstream. This is one of those rare but beautiful moments.

Watch as independent journalist Eva Bartlett (who has done incredible work in Gaza as well) drops truth bombs on a smug reporter during a U.N. Syria Mission press conference.

We’re not going to provide a transcript, because you need to actually stop what you’re doing and watch this video:

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So much truth condensed into three short, beautiful minutes. Spread this video far and wide. It’s your patriotic duty. Thank You From A Sheep No More.