Scientist Capture Light Going Faster Than Itself!!!

Light going faster than the speed of light

Light going faster than the speed of light

Did you know this was possible?

A team of researchers at St. Louis’ Washington University have taken pictures of a laser pulse going so fast, it appears light is going faster than the speed of light.

Using cameras that capture an astounding 100 billion frames per second, the team directed a laser beam through layers of dry ice, aluminum oxide powder, and silicone panels.

Extreme Tech reports:

One of the cameras was a streak camera, which exploits the motion of charged particles to create a spatial “pulse profile” that characterizes the light waveform in 3-space over time. Using the streak camera and the CCDs, the researchers captured a 2D sequence of images from three perspectives in a single take. They then spliced the images back together like a CAT scan to make a 3D model of the cone.

In an interesting aside, with a camera that fast, researchers claim they should be able to capture neurons in the brain firing in real time.


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