Is This Obama’s Body Double at NYC Dinner? [Video]

Watch Obama’s BODY DOUBLE enjoy dinner with Malia Obama in Soho NYC.

Clumsy retouching of public restaurant photos makes it obvious the man dining with Malia is either a Body Double or the original ‘Obama’ with digitally disguised facial features.

At Soho restaurant “Emilio’s Ballato” on East Houston Street (NYC), Obama poses for snapshots — but the pictures are heavily doctored before public release. WHY disguise the face of ‘Obama?’

Are we looking at Obama’s body double — an actor hired to play ‘Obama’ when the real Obama isn’t available?

Or is the ‘real’ Obama merely one of many actors. After all, FOX NEWS recently admitted on TV that Obama’s Hawaii Birth Certificate is forged.

You decide.

Could this explain the scars on Obama’s head and neck?

Via Barry Soetoro: