Mt Etna eruption LIVE: Lava spewing from Europe’s highest & most active volcano

Italy’s Mt Etna in spectacular eruption. Image Credit: Antonia Parinello/Reuters

Mt Etna’s first eruption of the year creates stunning light show

Europe’s highest active volcano Mount Etna erupts in Sicily

SkyNEWS reports:

The volcano’s eruptions can last days or even weeks but officials say there is no danger to the towns on the mountain.

One of the world’s most active volcanoes has erupted for the first time this year, creating a spectacular show of light over the Italian island of Sicily.

Mount Etna, the highest volcano in continental Europe, has been largely free of eruptions over the past two years.

But it came to life on Monday evening, with bright orange lava spewing from its 3,330m-high peak.

The lava and ash cloud could be seen from the Sicilian city of Catania and the resort town of Taormina.

Italy’s Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest and most active volcano, spews lava as it erupts on the southern island of Sicily, Italy February 28, 2017. REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello – RTS10S7A

The airport at Catania, about 31 miles away, remained open, although authorities said they were tracking the ash cloud.

There was no danger to the towns on the mountain, they added.

By Tuesday evening, the eruption was easing.

Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and has been known to burst into life several times a year.

The last major eruption was in 1992.

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