Many have called 5G the greatest depopulation weapon we have seen yet.

This immense electromagnetic smog is a huge health risk and it has not been tested for safety. The idea that the entire world is going to be saturated with this technology is more than appalling.

“Why is Spectrum Frontiers 5G so especially outrageous to the public?

It would greatly extend FCC’s current policy of the MANDATORY IRRADIATION OF THE PUBLIC without adequate prior study of the potential health impact and assurance of safety. It would IRRADIATE EVERYONE, including the most vulnerable to harm from radiofrequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill.”  – Dr. Ronald M. Powell Ph.D. Comment to the FCC

The question we have to ask ourselves …. is this technology worth risking the vitality and health of future generations?

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Join Devra Davis PhD, MPH, President of Environmental Health Trust, and the many scientists speaking out about the next health crisis of epic proportion at

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Two other articles connecting the dots regarding Chemtrails, GMOs, vaccines, AI and how EMF effects this demonic process. The morgellon-fruiting-bodies apparently form two different genders with a strongly differing morphogenesis and two different reproductive organs. Looking at the tissue of the reproductive organs one can state that it is not typical for a fungus. As it looks like, we have a fungus that is trying to reproduce a higher life form (DEMONS NO SH*T), being in the function of a symbiont or an intermediate host. How they are changing our DNA.