Global Cyber Attack False Flag Exposed! Here’s What They’re Not Telling You

A global cyber attack is underway and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how this can be tracked back to the CIA/NSA and therefore the possibility of this being a false flag operation is extremely high!

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Press For Truth:

  • Robert K. Pitts

    For me, the grandest conspiracy is this: There is an evil entity known as Lucifer who controls this world/matrix we live in. We are all born into a war between the creator of all-Jesus Christ and his created being, Lucifer. That being said, I acknowledge Jesus as the God of all but also realize that he is a sadistic entity who allows extra ordinary pain and suffering. It is an insult to all earthly fathers like myself to call this Jesus Christ a “loving father” as no father would allow a known evil person to babysit their children. Moving on, the minions of Lucifer are the elite rich of this world who work in conjunction with demons aka fallen angels to control and manipulate the world. This all might sound preposterous and like a childish story but I believe it takes much more faith to believe that all life came from an explosion billions of years ago and that our eyeballs evolved from a rock in space. Which is akin to believing that if you throw some nails, concrete, and other building materials onto a vacant lot and return in a matter of time that one might find a house which has evolved. The more science learns the more it understands that we are created beings e.g from our blood science knows we are engineered, so to speak. Thanks