Why Are ‘Rouge’ Military-Grade Towers Popping Up Across America

Why are these ‘fake’ cell towers showing up all across America?

What are these G-BOSS Towers …read on:

The Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System, G-BOSS, created by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, is a trailer-mounted tower with mounted surveillance systems and integrated with the command operations center (COC) used primarily by the United States Marine Corps during operations in the Global War on Terror. The G-BOSS is used primarily for force protection, checkpoint security, route reconnaissance, patrol over watch, improvised explosive devices emplacement detection, intelligence gathering, and personnel/vehicle identification.[1]

You don’t have to go outside the U.S. to find these military ‘rogue’ cell towers

So-called rogue cell phone towers, the type that can intercept your mobile calls and data, are cropping up all over the United States, including in Chicago, according to a company that specializes in developing highly secure mobile phones. And now we are seeing them in different locations in California and Arizona!

Here is the link that was put out by the military to justify the installation of the towers. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/budget/fy2016/army-peds/0205402a_7_pb_2016.pdf

Watch these two videos for more information.

Via DAHBOO777:


In the next video, several concerned citizens decided to further investigate a suspicious “Verizon Wireless Antenna Site” that has been disguised to look like a natural palm tree.

Although the site is registered to Verizon Wireless, upon taking out their Verizon phones, the people investigating and filming ran several tests and were unable to get a signal.

What are these rouge towers going to be utilized for?