NASA Performs Chemtrails Experiment Above Maryland

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NASA performed its first ever public chemtrails experiment in Maryland on Thursday, spraying artificial clouds into the atmosphere in an attempt to protect the Earth from adverse space weather. 

Between the hours of 4:25 a.m. and 4:42 a.m., NASA launched a rocket tasked with dispensing canisters of fake cloud vapor into the sky.

CBS reports: “We expect them to be able to see it, especially in the D.C.-Baltimore area,” said NASA spokesman Keith Koehler. “Really, from New York to North Carolina.”

The artificial cloud will be created 96 to 124 miles up in the ionosphere, giving scientists a glimpse into how highly energized particles interact with air molecules.

But the clouds won’t last long.


“About 5 to 10 minutes after the deployment,” said Koehler.

While it takes rockets to study these highly energized particles, they do have down to earth effects on technologies we depend upon every day.

“Looking at our power systems, our telecommunications systems, all that type of thing,” Koehler said.

Threatened by space weather, to be studied Thursday, provided regular weather clears.

  • pet61cre

    NASA is a lying military organisation connectected to the industrial Armament Complex. Are they doing this with or without Presidential authority. If it is without which i am sure it is it shows that democracy is a farce and the Zionist backed Pentagon is running America (and us) and the people need to revolt before they are all murdered as the planet certainly can cope with making it’s own clouds and I would not believe that feeble excuse. I suggest if you want to really understand what is going on and stop feeding the Industrial Armament Complex with your tax dollars you get the eye opening dvd “Dr Steven Greer – UNACKNOWLEDGED” ( and you will be shocked at these people admitting what they have hushed up.