Still Don’t Think a Holographic Alien Invasion is Possible..???

Richard Kallberg says, 

“Further to my post on the coming NWO Alien Deception linked below (featuring Project Blue Beam), here is a short video showing the level of holographic technology that already exists in the mainstream.

What do you think would be the worldwide public reaction if a huge hologram of an “alien” spaceship was projected above a big city? Or over many big cities around the world?

This is precisely how the world will NWO will be introduced – in order to “unite the world against a common enemy” (exact words by Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and the Independence Day movie). 

Are you prepared for this scenario? Mentally? Physically? Spiritually?

If you aren’t aware of these deceptions when they start you will be at the complete mercy of those pulling the strings. Please read this blog post for more:…/25-exposing-the-coming-nwo-…/