The Elite Want to Transfer Consciousness to a New Body and Live Forever

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There’s a body of research — treatments, cures, procedures — that are afforded by wealthy elites, quietly worked on in private labs and little talked about in the media. The never ending quest for immortality has truly never ended.

While this seems like the plot from a Twilight Zone episode, like all good Twilight Zone episodes, it’s much more science fact than science fiction.

  • Doug Phillips

    The only truth of elites deal with lucifer Is immortality only your sacred infinity lies in hell. When you all Freely traded Gods precious eternal key-the soul -for power as kings of this world preconceded to the great deciever. Your gains near twilight & days will end for all species no matter your unholy efforts to alter & bastardize what the Lord YAHWEH created. This realm will be purged of all memory or matter that Ever tainted this blessed garden of purity,any stain of sin or impurity of his work. His Promise of a new heaven & earth will be once more…as intended. His Ultimate power would be just & deserved if he ceased even the righteous’ chance of existence But this Almighty being Loves us,Forgives us & Absolutely true to promises made to us,thereby showing our meek unworthy selves Exactly Why he is What he is ! This being is capable of things inconceivable to us,creates innumerable galaxies,the infinite contents of each & places working order in each with unmixed boundaries. He wants us to thrive in harmonic innocence…in time those that valued our soul will inhabit a place that he prepared,a promise kept between us & him. I surrender Only to That Entity And worship eternally him of That power put aside preferring love & charity for us. Put aside all else to ponder his ways…He allows free will to us. We’re Not required to reciprocate his love…If you choose not to though only One path remains. Our years in this life hopefully seek wisdom & clarity to know the narrow path leads to Gods fields. Shed hatred amongst us,evil feeds on it !!