Are We Changing Our Reality?

“Or are we fighting a never ending uphill battle? They are always monitoring us, of that we can be sure. But have all our effeorts at least caused an effect? Whereas they have halted or stalled their Chemtrail operation in Boston to make us look foolish?  …Help me help others as well as Make much needed upgrades to my equipment and channel.” – RichieFromBoston

  • Christy Moore

    We’re too late.I’m a sensitive, I’ve felt it in my gut for the last month. They flooded every site with disinformation to make any conspiracy seem like bullshit. Hope for the best, prepare for

    • Koby Telgenhoff

      I’ve come to the same concluding Christy. Are you familiar with the Nag Hammadi text and the Sophia myth? Well, I believe they were messed with ….Rockefeller got a hold of them. I think this is the end of the experiment and so we have to keep our SPIRIT in tact. This truly is, in my opinion, the end times …..much love to you …

      • Christy Moore

        I have not heard of the Nag Hammadi text. Thank you. I don’t think we woke up to save the world, but to save ourselves. Whether the end is a lion or a lamb, we’ll be ok.