WTF? Meet The World’s First “Genderless” Baby…

We’ve previously reported about this insane story originating in Canada, where a weird self-identified genderless freak (who is supposedly the mother, who looks more like the bearded lady from way back when), is involved in a LEGAL BATTLE to register her newborn as genderless in the baby’s birth certificate, because apparently it’s the baby’s right to “decide” what gender it wants to be as it matures.

To clarify, the baby is perfectly healthy and is both biologically and physiologically a male (so this isn’t a case where the baby was born a hermaphrodite, or anything like that). This is a purely ideologically driven move.

In her own words:

“When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life,” Doty told CBC.

Just to remind everyone, this is the ‘Mother’ in question:


Well, so why are we reporting on this story AGAIN, you may be asking? The answer is in the absolutely hilarious and spot-on video below from YouTuber ‘Birdman’, who makes hilarious social commentary videos about the insane times in which we live.

After you listen to the video you’ll understand! Not recommended while driving or operating heavy machinery, as you may laugh your ass off in the process.


Source: Birdman YouTube Channel

  • CaLana Love

    All right, I have no debate for the binary, base 2, bitwise binary– whatever label this person (is “person” still OK to say??!?) wishes to use to describe self. I’m dissappointed at the level of irresponsible hypocrisy this parent has – no matter where the “gender argument” is, why is this baby being set up to make a decision years prior to the age of sound decision-making? I’m also disappointed that a health agency, an oversight agency would actually leave a relevant detail of personal identity off the record for a minor. Is sound decision-making even a thing anymore? There was a time when parents could apply for credit cards using their minor children’s name and SS#. The parent who did this was usually being selfish, finding a new source of debt at the expense of the child’s financial future, not so much trying to establish some good credit history. Parallel, anybody? And “they”, “them”, and “their” are reserved for describing more than one. Is the parent referenced in this article alluding to a diagnosed multiple personality disorder? I’m not changing proper use of the English language to address a single person, place, or thing (that’s the definition of a noun, not calling the article’s subject a place or a thing), and for anyone to demand so of everyone esle seems to have a grandeur complex.