THIS Is Not The First Time THIS Has Happened!

Mount Olympus, Greece; June 10, 2017


Watch this video and you will see that this is not the first time this anomaly has appeared.

Could this be some kind of portal where something is either entering or leaving this realm?

What do you think?

I highly suggest you subscribe to this YouTube channel, IdentifyThis. The videographer catches a ton of sky anomalies.

VIA IdentifyThis:

  • Marvin Knoll

    LMFAO this is cgi

  • U3O8

    Project Blue Beam Holographic projection & a big part as to why they are chemtrailing the planet. The Aluminum – Barium – Strontium elixer create a projection screen in he inonosphere. Patent held long ago US Catholic Church’s owned MITRE Corporation – JASON Group precurrsor to DARPA. All known & factual easily provable. All part of the created manufactured synthesized ‘End Times’ prophecy to bring about ‘Immanentize the Eschaton’ goal to create the JWO Government by the Saturn Wordhipping (Human Sacrifice – Baal – Nimrod – FreeMasonry – Ancient Sky Theory et al etc). of the ruling elite families.

    “We accept the reality with which we are presented”

    The craftsmen – architects – magicians – artisans create the physical / material world we live in. The curtain is coming up on them & they’re reign of Fear based trauma is going to be over at some point.

    Expand your thinking ‘outside the box’ because the world is not what it seems & the disclosure of that fact is coming unraveled as entropy from he Chaos that created draws nearer.

    The reality we are presented is partially a freakquency illusion aka Baader-Meinhof Phenom. We are more than they want us to know as Sentient beings of different origins than we are taught. Darwin’s Evolution is only partially right. There is no Macro Evolution – only Micro Evolution. No transitional species or intermediary species. Species adapt or micro evolve to the conditions present to survive but not a complete new species. Newtonian Physics will be found out to be misunderstood as will a few others. Big Bang theory will go the way of the DooDoo Bird. Directed Panspermia will be emerging & taught in near future. Vatican & Rome are caught in they’re lies w/ they’re Saturn / Mithra / Nimrod – Shemesh / Knights of Malta / Jesuits / Gnosticism / Talmud worshipping cults etc.

    We are the missing link & the disclosure will have to be eventually made.

    Smithsonian is burying the truth faster than science is discovering it digging it up. They are down to the end game & all showing they’re hands literally.

    pax vobiscum

  • U3O8
  • RICHIE x

    lens flare or flash, maybe both.