Ufologist ‘Confirms With Scientific Evidence’ That Aliens Lived With Humans On Earth

RT| The paranormal journalist who claims to have discovered alien remains near the Nazca lines of Peru says the extraterrestrial beings once lived in harmony among humans.

At a press conference last week, Mexican paranormal journalist Jamie Maussan claimed the five mummified bodies discovered over the last two months appear “closer to reptiles than humans.”

Now, Maussan, who has devoted much of his life to investigating extraterrestrial phenomenons, says x-ray, DNA and carbon 14 analysis of the remains further points to the presence of intelligent life.

We confirmed with scientific evidence the existence of beings from another world,” said Maussan to RT en Español.

Before it was a possibility, now it is a reality,” he added when speaking about the existence of aliens on Earth.

The mummified burial of the bodies also suggests the ‘aliens’ once coexisted with our ancestors, according to Maussan.

[These] mummies were buried in human tombs, in sacred places,” said Maussan. “This means that they had coexisted with our ancestors, were not enemies and had, to a certain extent, a degree of respect between both races or cultures.”

The seemingly well-preserved 1,700-year-old remains unveiled last month allegedly measured 5ft 6In (168cm) tall, had three long fingers and an elongated skull.

It’s worth noting, however, that Maussan has long been criticized for his questionable evidence of extraterrestrials on Earth. The World Congress on Mummy Studies was once cited as calling Maussan’s work “an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation.”

“Anything associated with Jaime Maussan, a serial promoter of fake alien evidence, is suspect,” it added.

  • pet61cre

    Scientist announced on the main news in 2002/3 that they had proven we had not originated from this planet or that somebody had been messing with our DNA for thousands of years. I.E. Aliens are real either way. They are still here on earth and the moon and Mars. Presidents Trueman, Carter ,Gerald Ford, Eisenhower , Regan, Putin, Gorbachev, Canada and China admit they are real. Astronauts Aldrin, Armstrong and Cooper admit they are real. Colonel Philip Corso in charge of the Roswell files admitted it was a downed UFO and that is where they got fibre optics, Micro chips and stealth Technology from. Suggest the sceptics watch the film by Dr Stephen Greer “Unacknowledged” though as to how and why they have kept this secret. Some will never believe until they see them themselves which was my attitude. And when you do you suddenly realise that eveything you have been taught or led to believe as true is a big lie and a rich mans trick.