Thousands RISE UP In Poland Against EU Government & Ruling Class

Tens of thousands of polish citizens have swarmed the streets of Warsaw, Poland,

Tens of thousands of polish citizens have swarmed the streets of Warsaw, Poland, as they protest over a controversial attempt by the EU to put the Supreme Court under Government control.

Thousands of Polish citizens have rallied at the Presidential Palace wielding the European Union and Polish flags demanding a veto over the bill.

Following a tumultuous debate, the bill was passed by parliaments lower house earlier today which sparked one of the biggest uprising seen the part came into power in 2015.

Former Polish prime minister and European Council president, Donald Tusk, launched an attack on the President Andrzej Duda, demanding a meeting to avoid a “political crisis”

The Express reports: Mr Tusk said in a statement that PiS’ move on courts was backward, went “against European standards and values” and risked marginalizing the country.

He said: “It falls to use, together, to avert bleak outcomes which could ultimately lead to the marginalization of Poland in Europe.

“The situation, including at international level, is really serious. And that is why I am asking for serious measures and serious partners. Please let us try, Mr. President.

”The bill gives MPs and the justice minister the power to appoint its own judges.

Other critics have branded President Duda’s proposed legislation as a blatant power grab, while PiS insists it is simply carrying out judicial reform to fight corruption.

Protests have rumbled on in the wake of the legislation’s announcement, with large-scale anti-government events springing up across Poland – in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk.

An icon of Polish democracy and ex-president Lech Wales told a large crowd in Gdansk he will always support their struggle.The 73-year-old recalled the democratic changes he helped usher in more than 25 years ago, claiming the separation of powers into three branches was the most important achievement of his solidarity movement.

He added the ruling PiS had no right to destroy his achievements.

Thousands take to the streets across Poland to protest against the new bill changing the judiciary system.

Protestor Tadeusz Przybylski, 61, said he had opposed the communists decades ago and was not back because the ruling party’s moves to control the judiciary have led to a “lack of democracy and justice”.

Eurosceptic Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says his country will use all available legal means to protect Poland from the European Union’s “Inquisition campaign”.

He railed against the EU, insisting the bloc is targeting Poland as it seeks to weaken individual member states.

Mr Orban said: “At this moment, the main target of the Inquisition, the example of national governance to be weakened, destroyed and broke is Poland.”

He added EU leadership is encroaching on EU member states’ rights and trying to apply policies, including increased immigration, which are opposed by most Europeans.

Source: Neon Nettle