The TRUTH about Fluoride in your Toothpaste vs Fluoride in Prozac!

Jim Stone| As many of my readers know, I investigated fluoride in toothpaste a few years ago and discovered that anything with fluoride was never marked kosher. Additionally, nothing that was kosher ever had fluoride. Once I published this, that changed, and now many brands in the U.S. have fluoride and are marked Kosher. So what are you supposed to do about that? ANSWER: Check the market outside of the U.S.! I can do that and never thought about it.

It would be really easy however, with that one ingredient to remember, just to warn anyone about it and I am sure the Jews are well aware, and avoid Colgate like the plague. And they also have their sources for their own toothpaste (Toms fluoride free toothpaste at Wal Mart is one of them).

Fluoride in Toothpaste Vs Fluoride in Prozac (Fluoxetine hydrochloride)

And that reminds me, do you remember when I posted this picture?

In Mexico, Prozac is not called Prozac. It is simply called Fluoxetina.  So why is this box of children’s fluoride mouth rinse called Fluoxytil? Well, you guess. I’ll give a hint. And that is that Prozac is, by volume, approximately 20 percent fluoride. The remainder of what is in prozac is designed to get that fluoride across the blood brain barrier and keep it there.

Technically, since anything that bonds with fluorine is a form of fluoride, Prozac could be defined as 100 percent fluoride, and Mike Adams claims 95 percent. But that is not really how it plays out in the real world application, because a majority of what is in prozac is designed to make sure the fluoride component gets into the brain very effectively, where it then separates and stays.

Once in the brain, the half life of prozac is 45 days. That means you can dose way beyond what is needed, go off of it, and crash a year later when you’d never suspect that is why your brain went haywire so long after you quit. It only takes 1 milligram of fluoride in your brain to totally wack it out, and Prozac goes into the stratosphere beyond that.

Fluoride proponents will say that the fluoride in prozac is not the same as the fluoride in toothpaste.  But I’d beg to differ with that position, when we have a box of FLUOXYTIL right here, (which might just not say fluoxetina because “fluoxytil” sounds more fun.) At any rate, it is WAY too close for me. I’d say we have a match.

There is a reason why Prozac is Fluoxetine Hydrochloride and not straight fluoride

The reason is because if anyone ate enough fluoride to have the same mental effects at the same level Prozac does, it would kill them.

Fluoride is poisonous to the body, so the only way to super dose it into the brain without blowing out organs and browning teeth is to put it on a carrier molecule, and that is what the hydrochloride part of it is. Hmm, sounds like an acid. Not quite, but close.

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In chemistry, a hydrochloride is an acid salt that can be used as a carrier for chemical compounds. In the case of prozac, it is to allow fluoride into the brain under the disguise of a salt, where it then separates and allows the fluoride to do it’s dirty work. Since a major component of prozac is a hydrochloride salt, it cannot actually be 95 percent or 100 percent fluoride, even though on paper it could technically be represented that way.

When fluoride is put into toothpaste and water absent a carrier, it can still cross the blood/brain barrier, but it does not do it nearly as well as when it is bonded with a hydrochloride carrier.

So that’s the difference between the fluoride in your toothpaste, and the fluoride in prozac. 

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Did I say fluoride in YOUR toothpaste? I hope it is not there, you should be buying Tom’s toothpaste, or brushing with Ivory soap (that works great) or whatever else, FLUORIDE IS FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOU ARE STUPID FOR BELIVING IN CONSPIRACY.

Let them eat fluoride, and keep the “benefits” for themselves.