GONE VIRAL: Mysterious Bright White Glow Emerges Suddenly on George Washington Bridge, New York

Watch the moment a bizarre glowing cloud appears and grows over New York’s George Washington Bridge.

A bright white glow — a cloud? a glare? a spirit? — emerged suddenly on the bridge Tuesday morning and passed slowly over the span, traffic cameras show.

  • Ivan Kovacevic

    smoke or gas of somesort coming from viechle in the 1st from left to right lane in the left lane like a white van or a truck

    • Ivan Kovacevic

      or sand in the wind

  • Jim Zawalich

    The Drivers Don’t seem to notice? I didn’t see any brake lights?

  • Steve

    someone’s radiator exploded and there’s not sense in stopping after that , $5000.00 later new motor new radiator new truck what ever,..its a cloud of steam.

    • derk

      Yeah, an “exploding radiator” would not look like that. The cloud created by a rad leak would follow the vehicle for starters, but would dissapate very quickly after entering the atmosphere…not long enough to create a cloud that size. I’m not saying I know what it is, but I know for a fact it is not that.