You Might Already be Microchipped – Leaked Docs Confirm Virtually Everything on Planet Tracked

Smart Pills with Cameras, RFID and other sensors to track delivery mechanisms

Much of our products are made in China and abroad, how easy to sprinkle smart dust aka tracking chips into the food and beverage supply, electronics and even cheap merchandise could easily be tainted with these tracking technologies!

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Much of the Vaccine supply today comes from China, known for putting faulty chips in computers and defense systems the US has used for decades.

What about sabotage, putting this stuff in Organic Cereal, Crackers, Vitamins, Fruit Drinks, even the meats that are processed over seas?

What about the dark cabal that works inside the system here in the US?

How easy with these technologies would it be?

Its getting deep folks

I often wonder why, why there is no serious Revolt or Revolution , no real change, even when many people are dying and being catastrophically injured you see this regularly and people never really do anything about it? Why? Why is the world so docile ? What would be more effective than a microscopic enemy already in your backyard and probably already inside you?

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What happens when your mind has already been rewritten, with or without your consent ?

You’ve probably seen the Rats, Bats and other animals controlled via remote control microchip connect in the Lab?

Wifi tech with 5G type capabilities and trillions of chips around the globe that emit the MK signal

Electricity, Serpent Archons, The controllers behind the controllers that you don’t see, i might not see them and i feel them and it becomes more clear everyday for me, what about you?

Via Leak Project: