The Video EVERY Parent MUST SEE!!!

The Global Elite plan for a “New World Order” including Government, Finance, and Religion. They own and have dominion over the, Federal Reserve, all major banks, our food and water supply, Education system, all branches of Government, media, music and entertainment industry and are using them to achieve their goal for world domination.

They Invert and Pervert everything that your children are exposed to.

They are extremely evil and are heavily involved in the occult.

They are targeting our children, so it’s extremely important that you, as parents are fully informed of their methods and tactics, which I will show you in this video.

We are living in desperate times, and I hope that all parents will begin to understand how their children are being affected by unknown forces and not just blow this off as some insane conspiracy. This is real ….please watch!

Via Lion ‘n Lamb 777: