Trump Restores Militarization of Local Police For Use Against Americans


Julie Telgenhoff| It continues to amaze me how many humans are being fooled by the supposed ‘anti-establishment’ (selected by the ‘establishment’ shadow government) current POTUS, Donald, the “Trump Card.” Did that even make any sense? Probably not because these psychopaths are utilizing what is called 4th generation warfare against unsuspecting Americans and the entire global population when it comes to their ‘selected not elected’ candidate, Trump.

A classic example of a tried and true form of 4th Gen attack is to initiate a civil war within a target population, and in most cases, control the leadership on both sides of that conflict. (for more information on 4th gen warfare, please read these articles by Brandon Smith here and here. This is one psychological operation that needs to be understood by EVERY American if we are to unite as one to overcome our future militarized, police state, dystopia).

Do you all remember when all these 1033 programs were being rolled out and all the the big hype that was created when we witnessed our local police obtaining militarily grade equipment that could then be used AGAINST the US population? Of course, that was when the other ‘selected not elected’ POTUS was in office, Obama, so anyone still stuck in that left vs right false paradigm only chooses to see and hear the good information about their globalist puppet president. Well, if you don’t remember, PLEASE read these past articles to get up to speed here and here. This is a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE here my fellow Americans.

We are being set up …in case you cannot connect the dots from all these manufactured divisional protests …and desired civil war, so that our local police can then be free to be the US military if we choose to protest or get out of line with the globalists’ agenda.

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How can anyone still believe that ‘The Trump Card’ is any different from any other POTUS when they see now that he is actually reversing the ban on local police having access to these militarized weapons that clearly, if we’re paying attention to all the created division going on around the country, are definitely being designed to be used AGAINST Americans? Go figure …

The Hill reports:

President Trump is planning on reversing a ban on allowing local police forces to use surplus military equipment, according to a new report.

The Trump administration will now allow local police forces to take and use armored vehicles, high-caliber weapons and other kinds of heavy equipment that were once used in the militaryUSA Today reported Sunday.

The Obama administration initially banned the practice after police in Ferguson, Mo. were heavily criticized for using the equipment against protestors in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown three years ago.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to address the Fraternal Order of Police Monday, where it’s believed he might unveil the new policy.

“Assets that would otherwise be scrapped can be re-purposed to help state, local and tribal law enforcement better protect public safety and reduce crime,” administration officials wrote in a document obtained by USA Today.

Trump has been a vocal supporter of police during both his campaign and his administration. He faced backlash for encouraging officers to rough up suspects during a rally last month.

“When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddywagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice,” Trump said.