Michelle Obama Is TRANSGENDER: See For Yourself!

Screenshot from an OFFICIAL video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Editor’s note: Before you get upset with me publishing this article, please think about the following:

Is there a plot going on to push gender confusion, gay, and transgender on American kids …?

Why would the satanic globalists select and then put into office a president with his wife, the first lady, being TRANSGENDER. Why???

As you can already see, gender fluidity has increased. As this trend continues, the destruction of the traditional male and female gender roles will break down more and more. Now as there continues to be more acceptance of this (and there is), we will start to see more acceptance in other areas (bestiality, pedophilia) – This is the true ultimate goal of the Satanic globalists that control the world.

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People struggling with gender issues are deserving of our sympathy. However this is entirely different from actively promoting gender realignment as part of a wider attack on gender itself which is already wreaking havoc among western youth.

The following article is by Dr. Eowyn and originally published by Fellowship of the Minds.

White pants are unforgiving.

Not only do they show every stain, white pants also reveal bulges.

Mooch made the mistake of wearing white pants when she went dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres show, which was aired on CBS on March 16th in 2015.

I had posted on Mooch’s penis-shaped bulges in “Is this Michelle Obama’s weenie?,” including these screenshots.

Now, thanks to a post on a reader’s blog, saboteur365, we have visual evidence of not just Mooch’s penis but “her” swinging nuts as well.

Below is a video of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which I’d set to begin at the 2:27 mark when Mooch stands up and we can see the crotch of “her” white pants. Please note that this is an official video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which means the GIFs that I made from the video.

Here are two screenshots I took before the dancing begins, of a small bulge on the right side (our left) of Mooch’s crotch.

Here’s a GIF of Mooch’s swinging nuts in slow motion:


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  • Anticopyright –

    Man i LOLd when i watched the balls bouncing in the gif. If that aint balls please come with a logical explanation for that

  • gomurr

    If no one cares, why bother to lie about it?

  • HeBlessesMe

    Sorry, but vivid imagination is not truth. I watched the video carefully. Her pants pucker. That’s it. She is a woman. I also am NOT a fan of her, or her husband. I will not however, call Michelle Obama transgendered, because it is not the truth.

    • Chuck_Key

      You’re correct. Michael ISN’T a transgender; he’s a transvestite. He’s never been converted physically.

  • MaryTormey

    The important thing to remember, is that the federal food guidelines starve women children and people who live in cold areas, who need more fat in their diets. Before we argue about gender, lets get in some better rules, that won’t leave anyone hungry. It don’t matter what sex the marketing puppet is, we should put people’s health ahead of junk food sales.

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