Are You Caught Up In The Megachurch Charlatan Joel Osteen’s Propaganda?

Julie Telgenhoff| Why did it take Megachurch Millionaire Joel Osteen how many days to finally open his Megachurch, Lakewood, up to stranded and dying humans caught up in the hurricane in Houston, Texas?

I received some really negative comments from some uninformed people about the following article I posted regarding this situation and the fact that other Americans were coming together and helping one another, unlike Osteen and his Megachurch.

Here is that article: While Americans Help Each Other Amidst Hurricane Tragedy, Millionaire Megachurch Pastor Osteen Shuts His Doors To Those Desperately Seeking Shelter 

Osteen finally caved to which I then updated the above article ….HOWEVER he then went on a massive advertising campaign about how he is opening his Megachurch to the hurricane victims and that is when the comments of negativity really started pouring in. So these people posting these hateful comments did not due their research and obviously got caught up in that propaganda, especially considering that SATANIC HOLLYWOOD’S TMZ was pimping the lie about Osteen’s Mega Million Dollar Church being flooded and that was a BIG FAT LIE (SEE BELOW VIDEO FOR MORE PROOF).

From TMZ:

Joel Osteen’s Houston Megachurch Can’t Open Because of Flood …

Watch this video by videographer, KafkaWinstonWorld, and you will see more evidence that this MegaMillionaire Pastor is really a fake and a Charlatan. 

In addition you see witness TRUE HUMANITY from a furniture store owner who cared more about human life than his pocket book.