Security specialist exposes military torture against USA citizens on USA soil [Video]

Under international law, it is illegal to use ‘national security’ as a way of hiding human rights abuses.
Bryan Kofron (AKA Justin Carter) is a new whistle-blower. Please remember his name as he is in immediate danger and so is his family. He talks about massive, world changing, human experimentation programs being conducted in the USA. Soon to be rolled out to attack millions.
He also lists people and places involved, in this audio file.
The company he worked for “Security Industry Specialists” in Seattle, Washington, is one of many doing this experimentation and who is trying to get him killed for revealing the truth.
One of the companies involved, is Amazon.
They are also amassing illegally, DNA profiles of millions of individuals which are used to attack those individuals using ‘DNA Resonance’.

Patents on the technology being used have been around for years. (SHOCKING: Secret NWO Gov. Document Has Been Unfolding Before Our Very Own Eyes!!! )

A number of whistle-blowers have come forward before (see, but they have been ‘on the edges’ of what is going on.
This is the first time we have a direct whistle-blower, who has until a few days ago, been working with the technology.
Original audio file……Company name and location, etc. is in this file =…
Ex NASA employee explains PART of the technology =…
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