WTF!?! This Happened Just Before the Earthquake! What Is Going on Here?

Moments before the 8.4 Earthquake hit the southwestern shores, a massive anomaly was spotted in Mexico City Sep 7th 2017.

It was the most powerful earthquake to hit Mexico in 100 years.

Earthquake lights have been reported numerous times in the past, with some attributing the phenomena to naturally occurring electromagnetic charges associated with the stress of certain types rocks in the ground, according to National Geographic. Earthquakes occur when the earth’s tectonic plates rub against one another.

BUT ….some believe that the lights are created by explosions at power plants or electrical cables, according to The Independent. Some people have speculated that the green light is produced by burning copper after the power transformers exploded.

Others tried to explain it as paranormal phenomena.

While hurricane Irma, Jose and Katia are intensifying ….could this be the ACTUAL cause?

Also, check out the strange green lights that flashed over Mexico before, during and after the earthquake!

Please give us your thoughts on what you believe this to be occurring from? Thank you ….

  • pet61cre

    HAARP weapon? Wipe them out with that to cause an earthquake is cheaper than a wall.