HEADS UP: 5 Days Until Impact/New York – Corporate Media Silent!!!

The Navy Model (Navgem) for what they predict for Hurricane Jose is highlighted in red showing Impact/New York. Image: Youtube Screenshot of the National Hurricane Center Map.

The Corporate Media isn’t telling Americas the truth about Hurricane Jose and are downplaying this storm.

Take note of the above image from the National Hurricane Center where videographer, BPEarthWatch, highlights (IN RED) the MISSING Navy Model’s (Navgem) information on Hurricane Jose that shows a DIRECT impact on New York. All the other models, except Canada (in purple), show NO direct hit to the United States?

The Big Question: Why is the Navy Model (Navgem) missing from the National Hurricane Center Map which shows a direct hit to New York? 

Why is the Corporate Media so silent on this storm that is currently just sitting there in idle out in the Atlantic Ocean?

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UPDATE: Tropical Update. Hurricane Jose/The Models are drifting West matching the Navy Model (Navgem).

VIA BPEarthWatch:

  • Henry Danger

    Read the Georgia Guidestones and you will know why they’re downplaying the storm. Chances are this storm will hit a second time after it loops south again and merges with Maria. Geoengineering at It’s finest.