BREAKING: Police Have Confirmed Explosion On London Underground As Terror Attack

It is getting more difficult for me to consider all these ‘terror’ attacks as organic vs false flag operations. It seems that they all read like clockwork presenting the same scenarios over and over again, only later on for those with a keen eye to have the time to decipher the event and report the contradictions and mistakes to which one can then know for sure whether or not it was an actual staged event or as the MSM reported. Always remember that people do sometimes die during false flag operations.

UNILAD Reports:

A device exploded on a London Tube train at Parsons Green station during rush hour this morning, leaving a number of passengers with injuries.

Amid confusing reports, the authorities – who advise civilians to avoid the area – have now confirmed the cause of the incident as terror-related.

Armed police have descended on a London Tube station amid reports of an explosion on a train.

The Metropolitan Police released a statement on Twitter:

Emergency services, including the ambulance service, the London Fire Brigade and British Transport Police were called to the west London station at around 8:20am.

Passengers on the train have reportedly suffered ‘facial burns’ during their Friday morning commute, with eyewitnesses describing a ‘fireball’ and people ‘covered in blood’.

Another eye-witness report described a panicked scene resulting in a ‘stampede’ to safety on Twitter.

The injuries were sustained after a white container ‘blew up’ towards the rear of the District Line train:

To follow are some excerpts from Birmingham Mail:

The alert happened on a District Line Tube train at Parsons Green in West London.

A reporter at the scene reported that casualties had suffered facial burns after a white container exploded towards the back of the train.

The backof the train filled with smoke and people were evacuated onto the platform at Parsons Green.

The website reported that another witness said the train had put in a mayday call and the Wimbledon branch was suspended.

Parsons Green incident declared a ‘terrorist’ attack

Incident is being treated as a ‘terrorist attack’ – MP

Picture emerges of burning bucket inside a Lidl bag

Major security alert in progress

We will keep you updated throughout the day.

  • Pete Barnshaw

    Gee. I wonder what piece of new legislation, was just readied in this location, that will now be hyped and played into the law books by this event. Pfft.