Everyone Get Chipped; No More Cash, Keys or Freedom

Everyone Get Chipped; No More Cash, Keys or Freedom…

or else you cannot drive your car, get on a plane or a train, go to your bank, hospital or get food.

The dollar will eventually go worthless …

You will not be able to pay cash for anything; must use chip.

Arts and entertainment events have certain restrictions and designated areas are only for those people who are chipped.

Hungry? Thirsty? Show your chip!!!

Don’t comply with the rules? Shut your chip off …

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Chips R Us …

VIA aplanetruth.info:

  • John001

    Then i die..Or survive for the rest of my life somewhere else.

  • Sarge McVey

    I can hunt with Rifle, or Bow for my meat, and I can plant and grow my own vegetables without the aid of gasoline powered plows, which is how my ancestors did it before the White man came to this nation. So who needs a chip.