TOXIC FIBERS we are ALL BREATHING every day! Photographs taken by me of weird harmful fibers found inside my own house.

Metaphysical Musing – by Susan Ferguson

VSF: The above photo was taken by me a few months ago. Please note the patterns that look like spikes or limbs off a stem.  These remind me very much of the kind of cloud formations I often find on NASA Worldview now. This photo is enlarged and contrast enhanced to show the structural details.

East of AFRICA / Sept.6, 2017         

The Sea of Japan / Sept.5, 2017                 

VSF: This post is a collection of photographs I have personally taken over the last two years of weird and harmful fibers, and who-knows-what, that I actually found in my own home. Please look (below) at what they dispersing in the skies above us. We are breathing this!

This monstrous continual aerosol spraying is slowly poisoning us. Metalizing is an actual term now used by the famous and very influential Russian physicist Vladimir Fortov.  They are metalizing the atmosphere and our bodies. Metalizing the atmosphere has many purposes. We cannot know them all. But it allows the transference of energy, electric, electromagnetic, and most likely SCALAR (yes, Tom Bearden, etc.). Metalizing our bodies makes their weapons more effective on us!

They are metalizing and ‘weaponizing’ the Earth’s atmosphere.

If you believe that ANY of this is benevolent, then you are tragically deceiving yourself in hopeless and misguided denial. These fibers are made of toxic aluminum, Lithium, barium, strontium, and now unknown unmeasurable nanoparticles that are based in fungi.

The above photograph is from the rim/lip of a (beautiful) serving platter I have on the table where I normally eat. The particles are so tiny that I did not notice them, until the sunlight hit them at just the right angle. And yes, I am very neglectful in keeping my house dust free! But on the other hand, here is the horrid sample of what we are all breathing.

Here (above) is the same image enlarged. Note these white ‘ribbon-like’ fibers are standing erect!

In this one I have dramatically enhanced the contrast so you can get a good look at these “ribbons” that are standing erect and curling. Note the colors in the foreground.