Concert Shooting Goer Says “NO WAY THERE WAS ONLY ONE SHOOTER!”

Please listen to the video of people who ‘supposedly’ witnessed the recent Las Vegas shooting event and let us know your thoughts. Thanks ….

Via wwwMOXNEWScom:

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  • Anticopyright –

    their testimonies seem genuine. that they dont follow the one shooter script makes it more credible too

  • Anticopyright –

    “corrine” the girl that is being interviewed was on dr. phil a whiler back because of her supposed narcissism. suspicious

    • sabelmouse

      i find both to calm. sure, people react differently but…

    • Matt Lomas

      Corinne is my sister, it was not acting…so say what you want. She called me very depressed and that’s funny how you’re doing some investigation without knowing shit.

      • Anticopyright –

        youre full of shet. all you fake accounts showing trolling and pushing lies about what happend in vegas is a confirmation it was setup. thank you

        • Get off this website TROLL!!! You would NEVER visit this website IF you were not here to troll your lies about this false flag and if you are just a sheep troll, you need serious help.

  • sabelmouse

    they seem very calm. i’d be in bits after this. shaking, crying , throwing up.

  • seekerisback

    they were calling for crisis actors not long before the vegas?