What is the first question to ask when something doesn’t pass the sniff test: Cui bono (who benefits)?

Truth stream Media provides some compelling information regarding the latest false flag shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada and what the overall agenda is about..

You won’t want to miss watching their video in its entire, below:

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  • David Bybee

    he shot down for 10 mins not 72 mins

    • Steve Archambault

      Shot for 10 mins, but from the first 911 call from a vet staying directly below that room it took 72 mins for law enforcement to breach that room. That’s ridiculous.

      • Donnie Smith

        I’m not taking a side here but in all fairness , only a fool would breach the door without making damn sure it wasn’t wired for an explosion …

      • Alex Dernst

        They have standoffs with armed people that take way longer than 72 mins to place control over the area. They had no idea how many people were in the room or like Mr. Smith already stated in regards to possible explosives. All the responders have lives and families that are every bit as important as yours or mine. I think an hour to stop the situation is pretty damn good and they should be applauded.

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  • Other videos are emerging, on youtube and other sites that seem to debunk the one shooter theory. Also there is a video of Paddocks girlfriend, Marilou at the airport when leaving-[prior to LV slaughter] and she was caught ranting about him dying and people dying ‘soon’-
    One report said she is a filipino-muslim with ISIS ties and she admitted she thought Paddock was ‘breaking up with her’- that she hated him and Americans~ Other accounts revealed they had been fighting before she left. Still anotehr said he had been affiliated not only with the IRS but also the CIA and that he was a pilot with his own plane and used in sting operations concerning gun running, lending plausibility that this may have been a set up and he alone left for the fall.
    Whats to say that security guard who was shot near Paddocks suite may have missed someone fleeing when he went & then led others back there, that there may have been another shooter that managed to get out causing doorway to block on his way out causing law enforcement to focus on the suite, or that Paddock even shot himself?
    Early account said someone else shot Paddock!
    He could have been just a foolish old man caught up with the wrong people and set up to be the patsy or he could be guilty as sin ~ but one thing is becoming increasingly obvious – that is he couldnt have done it all by himself.
    While ISIS may be trying to gain validation by association, we cant discount that they could have had more to do with it than the CIA or FBI will ever admit to.

    • Yukidongo

      She is an Indonesian Muslim.

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