Is This Video of Stephen Paddock ALIVE In Atlantic City AFTER The Las Vegas Shooting???

VIA HighImpactFlix:

“I get a LOT of emails and messages of things people catch. This is one of the most intriguing that I thought you all would be interested in taking a look at, so I’ll throw this out there for your consideration and comment. Yes, there ARE people who look like other people. But what are the odds that this camera man video captures a guy who looks exactly like the patsy…uh…I mean…”lone wolf shooter”…sitting at a gambling table in a Casino AFTER the Las Vegas shooting event?”

So this clip was sent to this videographer with footage by a twitter user whose name is YouFold2Me.

He is questioning whether or not the gentleman he is filming is actually Stephen Paddock gambling at the Harrah’s Resort Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. ]]

Notice how in the beginning of him filming, the date is shown, 10/6/17. That shows that this person taking this video knows what they are doing  in order to document the date to notify anyone viewing it that it was taken AFTER the Las Vegas false flag shooting.

Here is the tweet:

A Sheep No More has its own theory about this event and will publish it later on.

In the meantime, can you look at this information and give your thoughts about whether or not you think the man being photographed COULD BE Stephen Paddock, the supposed Las Vegas Shooter?

I think it’s a good idea to question everything, and I’m only putting information out there on this latest false flag shooting that I believe is relevant.

I believe that the controllers knew that good independent investigators would be deciphering their material and catch mistakes made by them and therefore, they may have just put some of those mistakes in there on purpose, hence why I am not posting everything I see about this shooting event. However, I could be completely wrong and material that I am omitting and not posting on this website, may in fact, be imperative in attempting to figure out this latest false flag shooting.

Don’t forget to also see the following video that possibly gives the agenda behind the Las Vegas false flag shooting AFTER you’ve viewed the below video and PLEASE, comment with your thoughts.


Thank you.

  • Alan Wolfy Schilde

    If you look closely Stephen Paddock has what looks like the #13 tattooed on his neck and the other guy does not.

    • Big Good Bob

      That could be hair. The other picture is clean shaven. Question is who is whom could there have been a switch decoy?

    • Paul Turney

      yea but the body they took a picture of him dead also had no tattoo of a 13 on his neck … figure that one out

      • Alan Wolfy Schilde

        Yeah I saw that also. Maybe he just had a dirty neck that day.

  • SGT DeFawlt

    I’m thinking that the #13 tattooed on his neck was photoshopped into that one photo by whoever designed this false flag as a “wink” to their controllers. It doesn’t appear in any other photo that I’ve seen of Paddock. Even missing in the death photo.

  • Karen Harris

    what about the woman sitting beside him, is that his girlfriend? Can anyone answer that one?

  • Fiona Clark

    Wow he looks a lot like him. Though he looks like a healthier version. Or another brother, who know’s. Paddock had a 13 on his neck but could be covered with make up.

  • dejan zanko

    is a tatto 13 real or is just there for reason to not Q ofical vers

  • Inretrospect

    Compare the eyelids of Paddock (left) and the lookalike center. Paddock has exposed eyelids; the lookalike’s eyelids are covered-over by sagging skin.

    Since Paddock is addicted to gambling, then any casino would act like gravity attracting him there — but not in LV or AC. Furthermore, wouldn’t Paddock shave his beard or, at least dye his hair and wear Clark Kent tinted glasses?

    It’s only a matter of time until this lookalike comes forward to prove he isn’t Paddock.