MIRACLE IN VEGAS!!! “Victim” Survives Bullet to Back of Head & Sets up GoFundMe Account LESS THAN 2 Days Later!!

Braden Matejka and Amanda Krysten Homulos, Image: Youtube Screenshot

*******BEFORE READING AND WATCHING THE VIDEO, PLEASE LISTEN UP. It is my belief that these so-called ‘crisis actors’ (many who have absolutely no credible acting ability, but are probably cheap to hire) are only utilized AFTER the false flag event has taken place. They are the ones being interviewed by the corporate media so that in case of any errors during the event, they can instruct these people as to what to say and can easily change the narrative.

Regarding the latest false flag shooting in Las Vegas, it is too early to tell whether or not people were actually injured and died. HOWEVER, it is my belief that there were actual victims during this event. I also believe that a lot of disinformation was planted on purpose, by these intel agencies/black ops, knowing the alternative media would find their errors and then report them. That then takes away the credibility of the independent journalists and creates a lot of chaotic chatter.

And so …..here we have ‘supposed’ shooting victim, Braden Matejka‘s story line as follows:

Just 26 hours after being caught up in the false flag shooting event in Las Vegas, Nevada, supposed shooting victim, Braden Matejka, took to his Facebook page to let people know about the experience that he encountered with his ‘ girlfriend, Amanda Krysten Homulos, when shots rang out into the crowd.

Less than 17 hours after making the above post, he’s back on Facebook again …being sure to show the “INJURY” he sustained to the head, and the “INJURIES” that resulted from having been shot in the head (and miraculously surviving it) ….

LESS THEN AN HOUR LATER, he takes to Facebook again to inform the people that he has set up a GoFundMe account (see here and be sure to donate!). He gives the following explanation as to why he has set up the account:

“I am from lake country B.C. Canada. I took a bullet in the back of the head as my story will show you. I will be using this money for any expenses incurred that aren’t covered by my medical, I can’t fly home cause of the brain swelling and will have to be driven. Any lost wages as I won’t be working for some time. Any excess money I would like to help the other families and possibly the people who saved me.”

MORE HERE: GoFundMe for Las Vegas Victims Over $9 Million 

Unfortunate for Branden Matejka, people who are in the medical field and others who are familiar with false flag shooting events, were quick to notice that it is medical protocol to shave the head of a patient showing up with a gunshot wound to the head and being discharged within 3 days of being shot is highly suspect.

To see more details of this story, please WATCH the following video. You will NOT regret it!!!

Via HighImpactFlix:

  • Allison Hamill

    This is disgusting. You’re literally trying to quiet someone who is a victim. He got shot in the back on the head, there is a huge amount of rock solid evidence to support that. You cannot ignore really evidence, from actual people and real hospitals.
    He deserves a voice and his rights. Freedom of speech is something I thought Americans usually believed in.
    You, the author of this arcticle, should be absolutely ashamed of yourself and your actions. You have become nothing but a sheep yourself.
    Asheepnomore.net should change it’s name to -> uncreditedinformationbasedoffsomeonesstupidity.net

    • Cole Knight

      I agree 100% and I am someone who Follows this Site, I have never seen something so Disgusting, except I am seeing a lot of people doing this same Disgusting Character Assassination of Good People who have been through a Horrible Experience.
      This is a HORRIBLE and what is WORSE is that YOU, SheepNoMore is acting just like a sheep by posting this article that is the Views of a few insane Truthers.
      These people really went through this. It was REAL.
      I only PRAY right now that all of these people who are writing and posting messages about these Victims get SUED IN COURT AND LOOSE EVERYTHING THEY HAVE>.. I am UNFOLLOWING THIS SITE and UNFOLLOWING YOU on other sites.
      Thanks Allison for standing up and saying something about this.

  • Moonangel4evr

    Ummm, too soon to tell whether people were killed or injured? Ya really that stupid? No way this one could’ve been faked. Too many cell phone videos from normal joe blows out there. Not saying they aren’t interviewing actors too, but this event actually happened. Too many witnesses to say otherwise. I’d have to say there’s a higher level of involvement than just one crazy, lone gunman though. But it most definitely wasn’t a false flag event.

  • Ronald Martens

    After seeing aerial footage of the area of the shooting. Chairs laying down, grass islands between road ways. I notice no damage to the grass in pristine condition. The roads seem in good condition. This leads me to suggest he sound of the machine gun fire came from speakers. Another analogy is if part of it is not true, the whole lot is not true.
    This is a gun grab psyop. New security worldwide from this fabricated event. New face recognition devices. Metal detectors at venues.
    The casino would have state of the art surveillance and yet someone was able to haul 40,000 rounds of ammunition to the 32nd floor with machine guns.
    Well, yes and people believe and buy it because he media said it happened.

  • Mark O’Blazney

    Lawyers have been notified, and you have been put on notice, spawn of Sandy Hook ghoul.