BREAKING! Las Vegas Shooting Timeline in Chaos After Security Guard Revelations

Police now say Paddock shot security guard prior to shooting event, Image: YouTube Screenshot.

Hotel Security Guard Was Shot BEFORE Concert Shooting Started!

During the press conference, it was revealed that security guard Jose Campos was shot before the “alleged shooter” started firing upon the crowd. This directly contradicts the timeline presented on 10/4/17 where the LVPD indicated that the security guard being shot prompted the stop in the shooting.

They want us to believe that with all their cameras that they did not know the timeline ten minutes after the shooter was found? They would have been checking cameras while the SWAT guys had even breached. And it takes them a full week before they tell us the truth? Why the balony between then and now if not deliberate?

The security guard immediately notified Hotel personnel that he’d been shot. Now someone explain to me that they didn’t notify police that one of their employees had been shot?? The security guard absolutely knew where the shots came from.

Campos being shot BEFORE the “alleged shooter” Paddock did the shooting is not a “minute” change. It’s a huge change in facts and changes the timeline completely.

The public was told that Paddock stopped his shooting after 10 minutes because Campos knocked on his door and distracted him away from the window and that after Paddock shot at Campos; he never went back to shooting. But now we are told he shot Campos BEFORE he shot the crowd. This leaves many more questions including why Paddock stopped shooting and whether the shooting could have been prevented.


Also we’ve known for 6 days that the “alleged shooter” Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel on 9/25/17 based on valet receipts.

This is three days earlier than the publicly admitted timeline from Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo.

They are lying to everyone once again and once again nothing will happen besides the slow creep toward a NWO Police State.

Via wwwMOXNEWScom:

  • John Gagne

    Looks more like an inside job day by day, just as I suspected.

  • Mark

    He is lying.