5 People You Won’t Believe Worked For The CIA

This CorbettReport video “5 People You Won’t Believe Worked For the CIA” is masterfully done!

James Corbett provides a slight sense of human and sarcasm with well researched information so you will not be disappointed upon discovering these revelations.

The video is 7 minutes long so it’s short enough for the average viewer’s attention span.

When you think of a CIA agent, you probably think of the Hollywood stereotypes: a tall, athletic man in a black suit with dark sunglasses, walking around with one hand on his gun and the other on his ear piece.

But that’s stupid. Spies are meant to blend in, not stick out, and the best spies are the ones you’re least likely to expect.

So I bet you never knew these people were secretly working for the CIA…

Via corbettreport:

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=24203

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