YOU NEED TO SEE THIS: The Real Reason Weather IS Manipulated!!!


While everyone is busy arguing that control over weather doesn’t exist, history reveals that it was developed for an ulterior motive…

Here is all the PROOF you NEED ...

Since at least 1947, the U.S. government has been interested in attempting to alter large storms. Project Cirrus was the first attempt to modify a hurricane. Cirrus was a collaboration between General Electric, the U.S. Army, the Office of Naval Research, and the U.S. Air Force.

The first attempt to modify a hurricane began on October 13, 1947, on “Cape Sable” the storm was heading west to east and out to sea. Scientist successfully flew an airplane along the hurricane and dropped nearly 80 pounds of crushed dry ice into the clouds changing its direction into Georgia instead of its initial target the Atlantic Ocean.

Lawsuits were threatened by Georgia residents who blamed the experiment for the storm. Nobel Prize winning chemist and physicist Irving Langmuir who worked for General Electric and on the project at the time claimed that the “reversal had been caused by human intervention.” Despite his statement, the lawsuits were later dropped due to lack of evidence; Cirrus was subsequently put on the back burner and canceled briefly.

Lawsuits were a common fear of GE. According to Time Magazine, the legal implication is what sparked GE to pair up with the military. The Times stated:

“GE lawyers got spooked by the potential liability and insisted that Langmuir get the full cooperation of the US military as it was better shielded from the sorts of lawsuits GE feared.”

Soon after the lawsuits, Cirrus relocated to Mexico where it was eventually shut down. A Congressional Hearing was initiated to explore Langmuir’s weather manipulation. It seemed for awhile that the U.S was giving up on tampering with the weather but not for long. You can view the unclassified documents for Project Cirrus’ history at the Defense Technical Information Center, which is part of the Department of Defense here. Also, see Project Cirrus Final Report.

Another failed unrelated seeding effort was launched on August 15, 1952, when a team of scientists working with the Royal Air Force (RAF) under Operation Cumulus, jokingly called “Operation Witch Doctor,” caused a killer flood in the Devon village of Lynmouth, Britain that killed thirty-five people from the torrential rains.

So already in the earlier years of geoengineering scientists had adverse effects from their cloud seeding experiments.

In 1955, the United States Weather Bureau’s National Hurricane Research Project (NHRP) was founded to investigate the “validity of hurricane modification methods.”

Then in 1961, fourteen years after the Cirrus disaster, another hurricane seeding effort was attempted on Hurricane Esther by NHRP and the United States Navy, using an aircraft they flew into the storm and dropped eight cylinders of silver iodide into its eyewall.

The scientists recorded the winds and concluded a decrease in strength by 10 percent. The next day, more seeding efforts were made. This time, however, the silver iodide didn’t fall into the eyewall, and there was no reduction in the wind speed of the storm. The two results interpreted the experiment as being a “success.”

Project Stormfury was then established in 1962 one year after the “successful” seeding effort by NHRP and ran until 1983.

On August 23, 1963, Hurricane Beulah was the first attempted seeding by Project Stormfury, but the silver iodide was dropped in the wrong vectors inside the hurricane.

As a result, nothing happened, the next day another attempt was made with a successful experiment this time which saw the winds fall again by twenty percent. The study was deemed “encouraging but not conclusive” according to R. Cecil Gentry, quoted in Davies page 90.

There were no hurricane seeding experiments that occurred between 1964–1968 for a variety of different reasons including — that the measurement and observation equipment was not ready to be used, and cancellation of an experiment, as well as lack of hurricanes, was cited in Stormfury’s documents.

In between the years of Project Stormfury several other sub projects (compartmentalized sectors) were established including — Project BATON for the purpose of the “analysis of the life history of thunderstorms.” Department of Defense research that was supported by the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency,) Project BATON sought to expand scientists knowledge of storm physics to aid — weather forecasting, fire prevention, and, to investigate “artificially controlling the weather.” Lead jointly by Dr. Helmut Weickmann, as an employee of the U.S, Army Signal Research and Development Laboratory, and Dr. Paul McReady of Meteorology Research, Inc.

Other projects formed in the time gap while Project Stormfury was silent include— Project Skyfire, Whitetop, and Skywater.

Project Skyfire — Cloud seeding generator proposed to help prevent lightning fires or reduce their severity through cloud seeding causing rain. (VIDEO)

Project Whitetop — The Whitetop convective cloud randomized seeding project was performed in Thunderstorms by Dr. Roscoe C. Braham over five summers from(1960–64). The goal was to stop or limit the duration of Thunderstorms Scientist followed up on Braham’s cloud seeding experiment years later in the 1970’s. For more information see Braham’s Papers.

Project Skywater — Weather modification “cloud seeding” program headed by the Bureau of Reclamation the project aimed to demonstrably prove that there was a practical basis for weather modification. The group found that cloud seeding nucleating agents like dry ice carbon dioxide and silver iodide produced rain.

Then, of course, there is the more infamously known Operation Popeye cloud seeding weather modification program that ran in Southeast Asia during 1967–1972. The mission ran during the Vietnam War in an attempt to extend the monsoon season, specifically over areas of the Ho Chi Minh Trail to prevent troop movement and suppress antiaircraft fire according to the New York Times and prize winning journalist Seymore Hersh.

The Stormfury experiments continued again on August 18th, 1969, with updated equipment, a new method, and improved gun like devices mounted on the planes to shoot rocket canisters loaded with silver iodide into the clouds. As opposed to the old method of dumping dry ice and other chemicals into the cumulus clouds out the windows of planes.

A 1964 NASA document mentions chemtrails for geoengineering purposes this suggests that they may have been spraying aerosols as early as the 1960’s. The word chemtrails is a contraction of “chemical trails” — a term historically used to describe chemical releases from rocket experiments in the upper atmosphere, despite being ridiculed as a conspiracy. It is nothing more than spraying several chemical combinations into the sky, and there are several as Douglas E. Rowland from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has said. (VIDEO) 

Next, we have a set of documents from 1966 that further reveals a network of government agencies in perpetual secret collaboration with the military industrial complex to modify the Global climate. These documents have since been forgotten about, but I dug them up. The first document is a NASA document that states the Committee on Atmospheric Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences, in November 1963, appointed a panel on Weather and Climate Modification.

 “The gradually accumulating evidence of positive results from efforts at weather modification led the Committee on Atmospheric Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences, in November 1963, to appoint a Panel on Weather and Climate  Modification “to undertake a deliberate and thoughtful review of the present status and activities in this field and of its potential and limitations for the future,” the document reads.

The second document is a critique and analysis of the 1966 NASA initiative by the Federation of American Scientists where the author characterizes NASA’s Weather Modification Program as “hijacked” cooped into a military weapons system project.

Finally, in the 1970’s the U.S. Congress discussed geoengineering and its dangerous effects on humans, cattle, and agriculture. Meanwhile, Stormfury experiments continued seeding Hurricane Ginger. The seeding had no effect. Ginger was the last seeding done by Project Stormfury after trying to move its operations into the Pacific and being denied by the People’s Republic of China.

In July 1974 amid tensions the US and USSR agreed to hold bilateral discussions to overcome the danger of the use of environmental modification techniques during the Cold War. Then in 1975 one year later the NYTimes reported that “A U.S.‐SOVIET BAN ON WEATHER USE FOR WAR IS NEAR.”

The paper quoted then Senator Claiborne Pell (D) stating the capabilities of weather warfare something if written today would be laughed at and ridiculed.

“Mr. Pell said today that he was pleased to hear that the Soviet Union and the United States were closer to an agreement. He has said that potentially dangerous environmental warfare could involve climate control by melting the polar ice, steering of hurricanes, manipulation of rainfall, and artificial inducement of earthquakes and tidal waves,” NYTimes wrote.

Sure enough in August 1975 at the Committee on Disarmament (CCD) the U.S and USSR drafted texts of the Environmental Modification Convention(ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. ENMOD was setup with the sole purpose to prohibit the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques to prevent widespread, or long-lasting severe effects on the environment. The treaty was signed in Geneva on the 18th of May 1977 and entered into law in 1978.

A United States government document printed in the same year at the request of the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation in November of 1978 states:

 “In addition to specific research programs sponsored by Federal agencies, there are other functions related to weather modification which are performed in several places in the executive branch. Various federal advisory panels and committees and their staffs — established to conduct in-depth studies and prepare comprehensive reports, to provide advice or recommendations, or to coordinate Federal weather modification programs — have been housed and supported within executive departments, agencies, or offices.”

But the U.S continued its experiments, and in 1996 a report was conducted by top military personnel in the U.S., titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier; Owning the Weather in 2025,” revealing the urgency to implement these programs and that they had a long half-life to continue on to today.

A House of Representative bill Known as the H.R.2977 “Space Preservation Act” was proposed in 2001 to ban the use of “exotic weapons” listing the following:

(B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as —  (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons; (ii) chemtrails; (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems; (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons; (v) laser weapons systems; (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.

The bill noted that the term “exotic weapons systems’ includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.”

An additional group the Convention on Biological Diversity also ban some forms of weather modification or geoengineering decades later in 2010.

Recent Experiments: 

In fact, geoengineering is now an admitted business according to Bloomberg it is no longer a secret, governments and private contractors alike have admitted openly to the practice some with more success than others.

Geoengineering techniques have been used by nations all over the world according to the World Meteorological Organization who keeps track of the countries doing experiments there are 52 countries currently involved as of October of last year.

One prominent country that isn’t hiding its geoengineering effort is China who used weather manipulation to prevent rain from pouring on the 2008 Olympics in Beijing by firing special rockets filled with chemicals into the clouds. Then used the technology one year later before one of its parades to prevent rain. One year later in 2009, the Chinese Air Force claimed that the biggest weather modification operation in the country’s history cleared the skies over Tiananmen Square, using just 432 rockets to prevent rainfall on the Chinese national parade. Also in 2009, China caused a massive snowstorm.

Additionally, China put aside $168 million dollars last year that it intends to use to create a project that can produce torrential downpours. In the U.S. as well just recently as last year cloud seeding was used in LA to spread rain during the El Nino storm to bring an end to the drought.  MIT university is also set to test another form of geoengineering called solar radiation management in an experiment called Operation Solar Shield by “sending aerosol injections 12 miles up into the earth’s stratosphere to combat global warming” next year.”

They intend to do this by spraying the stratosphere with reflective metals such as aluminum.

“If you put heat into the stratosphere, it may change how much water gets transported from the troposphere to the stratosphere, and the question is how much are you creating a domino effect with all kinds of consequences? What we can do to quantify this is to start with lab studies and try to understand the relevant properties of these aerosols.,” Frank Keutsch, the Harvard atmospheric sciences professor leading the experiment, said.

Even Keutsch himself is worried about the possible implications of the project on the environment calling it “a terrifying prospect” that he hoped they would never have to consider. “At the same time, we should never choose ignorance over knowledge in a situation like this,” he added.

The CIA also partially funded a solar radiation management study in 2013 by the National Academy of Sciences giving $630,000 to the institution. “Solar radiation management,” works by pumping chemicals into the atmosphere that reflect some of the sun’s rays back into space in order to reduce the amount of heat retained due to greenhouse gases.

Another experiment SPICE (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering) seeks to measure the practicability of using geoengineering and even states that scientists need to study the effects on human healthfrom spraying these chemicals and how long it will last in the Earth’s stratosphere before deploying any of these purposed methods and chemicals.

SPICE is funded by the United Kingdom government collaborates with the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Bristol, the group proposes spraying the following particles into the air: Sulphate/Sulphuric Acid/Sulphuric Dioxide, Titania, Silicon Carbide, Calcium Carbonate, Alumina, Silica, and Zinc Oxide.

As early as this year it was reported that scientist want to shoot down tsunamis with sound waves in another form of geoengineering.

The other problem associated with doing weather experimentation besides health risk is one wrong mistake could give the opposite intended effect. Meaning because its experimental something could go haywire or it can be used to intentionally cause damage as a weapon of war as the CIA wanted with the flooding of Vietnam according to the Pentagon Papers which exposed Operation Popeye.

Case and point last year in Australia, ABC reported that right before the flooding of the Derwent River catchment, Tasmania’s government-owned energy company Hydro conducted cloud seeding operations. A repeat of Operation Cumulus, farmers, questioned the company for the flood, one farmer George Mills said there was a correlation between the flood and the cloud seeding and they were seeking more answers into the situation.

 “We want to understand whether the cloud seeding has helped to create this massive flood from the local rivers which we’ve never ever seen,” Mills said. “If the Hydro have had something to do with that with their cloud seeding, well we want to understand that because in the future we need to have closer information,” he added.