Is the US Readying for an EMP/Hack Attack During Trump’s Korea Visit???

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****Have a look at this notice from the American Radio Relay League website****

…from Since a strong coronal mass ejection (CME) has many of the same effects as an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or an all-out hack attack, a CME exercise is good cover for an EMP/hack attack exercise. And given that this exercise immediately precedes a date that could set such attacks in motion, there is little doubt about what it really is.

As you probably know, Trump will be visiting South Korea on November 7, and 3 US aircraft carriers will be off the coast as he does so. Should he go to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea during the visit, an assassination there would get the war ball rolling. And that would lead to a “North Korean” (actually globalist) EMP and/or hack attack on the power grids.

Don’t be surprised too if Trump actually ends up meeting with Kim Jong Un at Panmunjom and reaching some kind of arrangement with him (perhaps the “freeze for freeze” deal Putin has been pushing). Such a shocker scenario might mean that the globalists are delaying the conflict till next Spring so they can retry the plan they’d set up for this year, and it would help build Putin’s “Prince of Peace” credentials.

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[P.S. – 28 October 2017] – The media-driven natural disaster hype

Yesterday, a reader asked for my thoughts on what manmade “natural” disasters we can expect from the globalists, specifically mentioning the Cumbre Vieja. Here is my response…

I recommend against believing in all the natural disaster hype that’s flying around right now, especially the Cumbre Vieja scenario. Just have a look at the size of the CV compared to the size of the East Coast. It is physically impossible for such a small landmass moving at landslide speed to displace enough water to swamp such a huge landmass an entire ocean away. It would be like dropping a marble into one end of an Olympic-size swimming pool and expecting a five foot tidal wave to crash over the other end. There’s just not enough volume or kinetic energy to do the job.

That being said, could they unstick the San Andreas fault with a few well-placed, drilled-in H-bombs? That’s more conceivable. Destroying San Fran and LA (Sodom and Gomorrah) by earthquakes would fit right in with their prophecy fulfillment plans.

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