HAHA FAKE NEWS: CNN Split Screens 2 Reporters Standing Right Next to Each Other

Julie Telgenhoff| I’m sharing this video just for fun and make no claims to the recent false flag incidence in New York. I feel there is no purpose in spending all that time (true currency) trying to figure out and then trying to prove that all these events, to which are ALWAYS shown on the corporate news (a sign that should tell people if it’s on the MSM, it’s meant to be seen), are just that …false flag operations where sometimes people die and sometimes they don’t. By the way, it’s my theory that they use these crisis actors (in most cases) to be the ones interviewed by the fake news in order to make sure they keep the narrative they need exposed, on point.

CNN — using a split screen — has two reporters who are STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER, speaking to the camera as if they’re spread out around Manhattan giving great news coverage.

They got busted.

By the way, this same thing happened during CNN’s coverage of the Jodi Arias trial. CNN aired a split screen interview between Ashleigh Banfield and Nancy Grace in May 2013. The only problem? The two hosts appeared to be speaking from the same parking lot. You can see that one HERE.

CNN was covering the New York City Islamic terror false flag attack during the segment using a split screen to fool their audience into believing that the two reporters were worlds apart.